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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to book the party?

As soon as possible, being the most popular specialist children's disco in Melbourne we are busy, especially at weekends & school holidays.

Where is the best place to hold a child's party?

A church hall, Scout hall, or community centre is ideal venue for large numbers of children, but the smaller the party the better. Do not book a large room or hall if only having 20 children, best parties are held at home, in rumpus rooms, living rooms & garages. These are ideal locations for various reasons.

How many children can I invite to the party?

Parents are under the assumption they must invite the whole class & more. An ideal number is around 20. If there are too many children it ceases to be a party and it is more like a school disco. Being a professional Company we can cope with as many children has you wish!

What age do you cater for?

Four years to early teens. Younger children do not understand simple instructions; they are usually very shy and timid. I also cater for the adults at the appropriate occasions.

Do you do Joint parties?

Yes, this is a good way of keeping costs down; you can share expenses with the other parent. It is however, important that the children know each other or they will be shy and embarrassed with strangers.

When is the best time to hold the party?

A weekday is a perfect time, it is less hectic for everybody, it will not clash with other parties and venues, we are more readily available, and it can be at a time of your choosing. If a Saturday or Sunday ideally MOST POPULAR PARTY TIMES: Saturday / Sunday, or after School nights, School Holidays, 10-12 noon, 1-3pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm ~ just for example.

What do you do at the party?

There is a vast difference between what a 4 year old likes to a teenager. This is where a lot of the skill, in entertaining children, comes in. No two parties are the same, our party DJ assess the children up to see how they are reacting to the program of events, then adjust the format accordingly. This will be a combination of dancing, games, competitions and music to suit the age group. Unlike an adult disco DJ, our party DJ is interactive with the kids; we do not play inappropriate or music with explicit lyrics. Our party DJ feature dance routines and gives the children instruction on the dance moves if needed. If the occasion is a birthday party, the birthday child is always the centre of attraction.

Do you do face painting or anything else?

A lot of parents cannot believe that our Party DJ can keep kids happy for up to 3 whole hours without additional forms of entertainment. When you book a magician it is usually for an hour. You don't need face painters or anything else with Kidz Party Discos, they are just a distraction, Our Party DJ likes the undivided attention of the kids throughout the party, Kidz Party Discos entertainment is non stop fun, from start to finish.

Will you play my child's favourite music?

Please send me a list of favourite music; I will then feature these during the party

Do I need to provide anything?

Just the venue, food, cool drinks and children. Kidz Party Discos provide the entertainment. Depending on which package you opt for, some prizes are good; you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun.

What do you recommend I give to the children to eat?

Quick & easy snacks are always best

When do I serve the food?

An ideal time is around 3/4 of an hour in to the party. Or after the DJ’s music ends

Can I have the party outside?

Although this may sound a good idea, it must be weather proof, a garage or marquee, covering is essential.

Can I have the party at home?

Providing you have a room

Can some of the parents stay at the party?

Yes, provided they don't let their offspring sit on their laps throughout the party! This is always a problem with shy and timid kids. Parents can help with the activities and assist the DJ. & dance to.

Do you do Weddings, 21st & 40th birthdays?

No we only specialize in children’s entertainment, remember that when enquiry with other DJ Company’s

Do you do school discos?

The problem booking an ordinary DJ or disco company for schools is the DJ just plays his or hers favourite music while a few girls dance, the boys sit around bored, or run around to amuse themselves. Kidz party Discos play music to keep then entertainment. We play at many schools on a regular basis.

Do you have any recommendations from parents?

Yes, very much so. We like to think our last party is our next recommendation. See our testimonials page, phone numbers of delighted parents will be given on request.

Can you just give me a quote?

I have found that parents who use this line, as an opening question, are usually phoning round for the cheapest; they don't ask relevant questions and end up booking someone they wish they hadn't. Parents should ask themselves - ' why is this DJ Company cheaper than everyone else’? Unfortunately anyone can set up as a disco; there are no qualifications or assurances. It is a shame, a child has only one birthday a year, why ruin it for the sake of a few dollars. Remember, the cheapest DJ isn’t always the best value. You would be better off taking a CD player to the party and doing it yourself, you could not do a worse job!

I've heard some real horror stories from friends who have had a party, with some other DJ company’s, Not turning up doubled booked or sorry can’t make it, “ have to take the cat to the vet it’s sick”, how can I be sure by booking you?

Unfortunately there are many unreliable DJ’s who advertise on the web or advertisement in Yellow Pages there is no guarantee of professionalism or trustworthiness. Beware of DJ’s who give you a price for 5 hours of music for a better fee. That’s how long most adult function run for & this proves they don’t know how to entertain children, thus keeping there attention for this period of time

Please be assured Kidz Party Discos, have an over whelming reputation & a very successful business. We would like to think.

I have tried to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions, if you have others please email or phone me. This is all part of our service to provide THE BEST PARTY EVER